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Nrs 15034.01.103

Nrs 15034.01.103   Nrs 15034.01.103

NRS Women's HydroSkin 1.0 mm Shirt

 $89.95    $45.95

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Product details provided by Outdoorplay:
NRS Women's HydroSkin 1.0 Shirt - The Women's HydroSkin 1.0 Long Sleeve Shirt by NRS provides twice the insulation of HydroSkin 0.5, without feeling bulky or restricting your movements. This shirt is made of 1.0 mm HydroSkin Terraprene neoprene with heat-reflecting titanium to protect you from chilly water and weather. Thinner 0.5 mm HydroSkin panels under the arms reduce bunching for greater comfort. The chest, back, shoulders and upper arms feature water-shedding smooth-skin neoprene to help prevent evaporative cooling. The 4-way stretch material lets you move freely, while the soft ThermalPlush lining adds warmth, dries quickly and feels great against your skin. The paddler-specific design puts seams where they won't cause irritation and discomfort. The NRS Women's HydroSkin 1.0 Long Sleeve Shirt feels as good as it looks while keeping you comfortable on the... More

Nrs 15034.01.103
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