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Redding SAECO Sizing Die .251"

Redding SAECO Sizing Die .251"   Redding SAECO Sizing Die .251"

Redding SAECO Sizing Die .251"

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Product details provided by Natchez:
Redding has a long history of excellence, which is evident in the Redding SAECO Sizing Die. Available in numerous dimensions, this die is a great choice for casting and reloading. The die is designed with a special pre-lead that fits the diameter of the cast bullet to a depth of roughly 0.3 inches. Based on this unique entrance throat, the bullet seamlessly feeds completely straight into the sizing diameter. As a result, there is a gentler taper that prevents shearing of the lead but also helps size the bullet concentrically. In addition, the internal honing is perfectly... More

Redding RB30251
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