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Otis Flugz Ear Plugs - 10/pk

Otis Flugz Ear Plugs - 10/pk   Otis Flugz Ear Plugs - 10/pk

Otis Flugz Ear Plugs - 10/pk

 $194.99    $125.00

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Product details provided by Natchez:
When it comes to hearing protection, most experts agree the best protection is the one that fits the best and feels the most comfortable to you every time you wear it. FLUGZ are a completely new and unique type of formable hearing protection. FLUGZ come housed and sealed in their own clear container, which is actually its very own steamer. Break the seal and you're ready to follow the instructions for molding your own ear protection. Form. Fit. And finished in less than 2... More

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