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Devorak Soft Shade 38mm (.54-1.69")

Devorak Soft Shade 38mm (.54-1.69")   Devorak Soft Shade 38mm (.54-1.69")

Devorak Soft Shade 38mm (.54-1.69")

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Product details provided by Natchez:
The Dvorak Soft Shade comes in five different sizes 38mm, 44mm, 49mm, 55mm, and 59mm and it serves a variety of purposes. Not only does this device reduce heat shimmer, but it also removes undesired reflection from the optics of your scope.By reducing heat shimmer, the Dvorak Soft Shade helps to improve your sighting accuracy. This soft shade also reduces sun glare to improve your target definition. An added benefit of the Dvorak Soft Shade is that if you bump it, it will not transmit stress to your scope, affecting your... More

Devorak DKSS38MM
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