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Accent Paddles Trophy Angler

Accent Paddles Trophy Angler   Accent Paddles Trophy Angler

Accent Paddles Trophy Angler


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Designed for the Kayak Angler who wants the best of the best. The Trophy Angler is made using the highest grade materials in our industry. Each blade has a CNC machined foam core along with an ABS reinforced edge. The Trophy Angler offers balance, power and control in the water. With its eye popping graphics, and exceptional efficiency in the water, the Trophy Angler will make every fishing outing a pleasurable one.Full size blades provide maximum powerLeverLock Technology - 20cm of length and infinite angle adjustment make it perfect for High-Low seat system kayaksDihedral blade design promotes even water displacementCarbon shaft with in-laid tape measure is a witness to your next big catchFoam Core TechnologyNeon Green ABS outer edge reinforcementThe lightweight construction of these performance paddles requires the same care and respect you give your high end equipment.Paddle SpecificationsBlade MaterialFiberglass Foam CoreShaft MaterialCarbonAdjustmentLeverLock TechnologySurface area651 sq cm (101 sq in)Blade Area18.5 X 44.5cm (7.25 X 17.5")Weight32oz (907g) More

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