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Altra Women's Torin Knit 3.5 (Closeout)

Altra Women's Torin Knit 3.5 (Closeout)   Altra Women's Torin Knit 3.5 (Closeout)

Altra Women's Torin Knit 3.5 (Closeout)


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If you like the original Torin, you're going to love the Torin knit. This brand new version of an already awesome shoe brings you the same midsole comfort and outsole durability as the original version, but with an engineered knit upper. This engineered knit offers a sleek, breathable sock-like upper with a reinforced A-strap internal support system for a more secure fit. Features FOOTSHAPE(TM) TOE BOXAllows toes to relax and spread out naturally and the big toe to remain in a straight position for more comfort, speed and stability.FIT4HER(TM)The Fit4Her technology means we customize every women's shoe to the unique anatomy of the female foot.INNERFLEX(TM)Grid-like flex grooves in the midsole allow your foot to flex where it needs to for more speed and improved performance.A-BOUND(TM) CUSHIONINGEnergy-return compound sits directly under the foot to reduce ground impact and add a spring to each step.ZERO DROP(TM) PLATFORMPlaces your heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground to encourage natural, low-impact running form throughout your run.FOOTPOD(TM) TECHNOLOGYUnique outsole and midsole pattern maps the bones and tendons of your foot to let it flex where it naturally wants... More

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