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Adventure Medical Ultralight & Watertight .9

Adventure Medical Ultralight & Watertight .9   Adventure Medical Ultralight & Watertight .9

Adventure Medical Ultralight & Watertight .9


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The Ultralight / Watertight Series features proprietary DryFlex(TM) bags for the ultimate in ultralight, waterproof storage. Ideal for the multi-sport athlete that refuses to be let down or weighed down by his or her gear. The Ultralight / Watertight .9 has been tested, abused, and approved by adventure racers in the Eco Challenge, Primal Quest, and Raid Gauloises. Designed for one to four people on trips up to four days, this is an ideal kit for adventures who may be exposed to the elements. Two inner DryFlex(TM) waterproof liners and seam-sealed outer silnylon bags provide multiple layers of protection from the elements.2-Stage WaterproofingInner DryFlex(TM) bags and outer seam-sealed siliconized nylon bag with water-resistant zipper.Clean and Close WoundsIrrigation syringe and wound closure strips to clean and close wounds.Combat Stomach IllnessMedications to stop diarrhea and stomach distress.Emergency RepairsMini roll of duct tape (2" x 26").Manage Pain and IllnessesA wide array of medications to treat pain, inflammation, and common allergies.Stabilize Fractures and SprainsWraps and bandages to immobilize fractures and provide support.Stop BleedingTrauma pad and wide elastic wraps to control life-threatening bleeding.Stop Blisters Before they StartDie-cut Moleskin plus Skin Tac(TM) topical adhesive to protect against the hiker's #1 injury.Easy Access Bandages(TM)Fast and easy application and less contamination... More

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