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ABUS Tresor 6615C Combo Chain Lock

ABUS Tresor 6615C Combo Chain Lock   ABUS Tresor 6615C Combo Chain Lock

ABUS Tresor 6615C Combo Chain Lock


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Good protection at low theft risk. Recommended for securing entry level bicycles.Technology:7 mm square chain with fabric sleeve to prevent damage to the bicycle's paintworkThe chain is made of special hardened steelTwo component moulded digits guarantee life-long visibilitySpecial touch protection for higher security against unauthorized access to the code through manipulation of the mechanismIndividually settable codeTransport:Convenient compact transport by wrapping the chain around the seat postFor the protected transport we recommend, for example, the frame bags ST 2012, ST 2200 and ST 2250Tips:This lock is available with different sleeve colours (aqua, coral, brown)The combination lock is very suited for the use by several peopleLock-chain combinationThe Lock-chain combination is an excellent choice when it comes to securing your bike. Its flexibility means the lock-chain combination is very convenient and offer many ways of locking bikes to fixed objects. A bike that is secured in this way cannot simply be picked up and carried away - which is a real security... More

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