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Werner Baja 2 Piece

Werner Baja 2 Piece   Werner Baja 2 Piece

Werner Baja 2 Piece

 $84.99    $79.99

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The Baja takes design elements of our advanced blade designs and combines that with more modestly priced materials and features, to offer Werner heritage at a lower price. Great for the budget minded paddler.Standard Performance gives you Werner's heritage for a better paddling paddle at introductory prices.Mid-sized, low-angle blades fit the widest range of paddlers.Injection molded blades are impact and wear resistant, a combination of light swing weight while maintain design elements direct from our Premium line. Offering smooth, stable stokes that allow for easier paddling while maintaining a loose grip.Available in Straight Fiberglass Standard Diameter only.3 hole push button ferrule. (45 degree L, Zero, 45 degree R) More

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