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Altra Men's Superior 3.5

Altra Men's Superior 3.5   Altra Men's Superior 3.5

Altra Men's Superior 3.5


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The award-winning Superior just keeps on getting better! The 3.0 version was such a hit that we updated the upper to make it even more durable. Freshen up your shoe collection and keep enjoying this fast, trail dominating style.Weight: 9.6 oz. / 272 gInsole: 6 mm Contour FootbedPlatform: Fully Cushioned Zero Drop(TM) platform and FootShape(TM) toe boxStack Height: 21mmMidsole: EVA / A-Bound(TM) Blend with InnerFlex(TM)Outsole: DuraTread(TM) Rubber with TrailClaw(TM)Upper: Quick-Dry Air MeshOther Features: 4-point GaiterTrap(TM) Technology, Reinforced, breathable and more flexible... More

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