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Nitro Good Times Snowboard

Nitro Good Times Snowboard   Nitro Good Times Snowboard

Nitro Good Times Snowboard

 $399.95    $279.99

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The choice of urban and park rail wizards Benny Urban & Dominik Wagner for its progression friendly flex, but more importantly for its non-stop durability - something that is need for anyone learning new rail tricks in and out of the park. Get ready to put on a demo every time you drop into the park with this forgiving, playful, and Twin shaped park annihilator. Street/Park wizards Benny Urban and Dominik Wagner rely on the Good Times? Flat-Out Rocker, Whiplash Core Profile, and Urban flex for the perfect combination of snap and flex for jumps, presses, and ollie power to progress daily in and out of the park. And, Of course this team favorite jib stick is equipped with our trusted RailKiller Edges for long lasting edge strength all year... More

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