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Slingshot SuperGrom Wakeboard (2015)

Slingshot SuperGrom Wakeboard (2015)   Slingshot SuperGrom Wakeboard (2015)

Slingshot SuperGrom Wakeboard (2015)

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HAND MADE IN THE USAThe Super Grom is officially a hit, and with good reason The sky is the limit for groms these days, which is why we built them a high performance board with flex technology and other great features to take their riding to the next level. The XL singleshot fusion sidewalls help protect the board from impact and the ES base is designed to withstand the thousands of rail hits in the park. Behind the boat the Future Response Technology results in a bigger pop and smoother landing. The future is bright, and it's even brighter on the 2015 Super Grom. RIDER PROFILE BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE: Designed specifically for kids with a snowboard style, and those looking for smooth pop, kneesaving landings, exceptional control and affordable, highend value.FEATURES CONTINUOS ROCKER, SINGLESHOT FUSION SIDEWALL, FUTURE RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY, 4D GRAPHICS EMBOSSED, CHANNELS ES BASE, (NEW) PARK READY TUNESIZING / RIDER WEIGHT 115 cm mdash; Up to 80 lbs. (36 kg) 125 cm mdash; Up to 100 lbs. (49 kg) More

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