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Obrien Sozo Kneeboard (2015)

Obrien Sozo Kneeboard (2015)   Obrien Sozo Kneeboard (2015)

Obrien Sozo Kneeboard (2015)

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SOZOUtilizing O'Brien newest cutting edge technology and the immense knowledge of legendary kneeboarder Ted Bevelacqua, the SOZO is the most advanced kneeboard ever produced.In fact, it has begun a new era in the in kneeboard performance. The new clean, efficient shape initiates turns easily, edges up the wake with a clean release and is very forgiving. O'Brien's fusion core (wood stringers within a foam core) is CNC'ed to exact spec, giving the board a liveliness and a lightness never offered tin the kneeboard industry. Sandwich Construction also enables the board to flex like never seen, storing and releasing energy every time you hit then wake. It's explosive off the wakes, lightweight and unbelievably maneuverable.An allnew pad design features then next generation of kneeboard pad technology. Without question the softest pad on the market, the SOZO pad is supportive, fully customizable, and softens landings like no other pad. Velcro attachments allow finetuning of the pad for perfect... More

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