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Liquid Force RDX Wakeboard (2015)

Liquid Force RDX Wakeboard (2015)   Liquid Force RDX Wakeboard (2015)

Liquid Force RDX Wakeboard (2015)

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RDXRaph Derome excels in all terrains and his new RDX makes sure he has a seriously fun, yet hard charging ride beneath him for the ultimate performance behind all boats on all lakes. This brand new shape for 2015, the RDX, generates a solid, predictable drive into and off of the wake with its deep moldedin long based quad fins. These moldedin fins are deep enough for bite when needed, but still allow for a fun, loose ride when desired. A singleinsidedouble concave center softens all your landings and keeps the board moving forward at a steady pace. The RDX's unique tip channels give an easy edge to edge acceleration that, when asked to, can turn on a dime. The board is a true boat board that lets you choose your speed, depending on your moods.Aggressive when your angry, or smooth when you're feeling mellow. Try out the RDX and instantly feel the joy that Raph Derome experiences every time he hits the water with this new setupProgressive, Three Stage Rocker Smooth curve into increased exit angle for smoothness and increased altitudeDISC Hull through Center into Slight Vee Softens landings while maintaining speed, accelerates into and out of turns and off the wakeLow Volume Rails with Concaved Beveled Edge Faster edging with superior holdVee Tip Channel Increased control and added lift off the wakeProGlass Combo Layup Special combination glass layup offers increased strength and reduced weightDeep Molded In Quad Fins Long based fins provide smooth predictable control with minimum... More

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