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HO CX w/XMax ARTP Waterski (2015)

HO CX w/XMax ARTP Waterski (2015)   HO CX w/XMax ARTP Waterski (2015)

HO CX w/XMax ARTP Waterski (2015)

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CXCrossover: A3 Power with Freeride Efficiency Ski Sizes: 65", 67", 69" The ultimate in crossover ski technology, skis designed to deliver maximum performance with unparalleled efficiently. The allnew 2014 CrossOver Collection marries the world record capable design of the Syndicate A3 with the ultraefficient Clean Edge technology of the revolutionary Freeride ski, to create the perfect cross of performance and efficiency. The HO Syndicate design team began with record breaking A3 design, increased the surface area of the ski by one ski size from the tip of the ski to the just behind the heel of the rear foot. Behind the rear foot the skis transition from traditional to futuristic as the sidewalls rotate inward like a wakeboard edge and ski bevels disappear in the tail section of the ski. The combination of these two feature allows the water to cleanly release directly off the bottom of the ski, as opposed to the traditional ski design in which water wraps around the bevel of the ski, up the sidewall and releases of the upper edge of the ski, thereby reducing the drag associated with this portion of the ski by 50. Clean Edge technology is a step into the modern age of ski design and the lack of physical effort required to ride these skis will forever change a skier's perception of what is possible. Imagine riding an A3 designed to rip off 60 turns instead of 6 and you will begin to understand the powerful combination of performance and efficiency skiers are tapping into on HO CrossOver Collection... More

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