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Liquid Force Wing Wakeboard (2014)

Liquid Force Wing Wakeboard (2014)   Liquid Force Wing Wakeboard (2014)

Liquid Force Wing Wakeboard (2014)

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WingThe WING wakeboard was built with one thing in mind... boosting straight up off any wake in the water Features such as a 3Stage Hybrid Rocker and the Full Body Double Concave Tail help it blast off to the skies One of the top boat riders in the world has her name on this board, so you know it's built to perform. Created to be a fast and explosive board wake to wake, any aggressive rider will have the time of their life on the WINGThree Stage, Hybrid Rocker A smoother transition in the three stage break makes it more predictable with big wake boostsDISC Hull through the Center Double Inside Single Concave Softens landings and maintains board speedFull Body Double Concave Tail Creates more drive and pop, and faster rail to railVariable Edge Rail Rounded center rail adds forgiveness, sharp tail rail for control and responseMoldedIn, Long Based Slider Side Fins Positive hold for hard edging with low dragWAKEBOARD SIZE CHARTBoard Length (cm)111118118130124134130138134142138146142146146Rider Weight (lbs)257040856511070130100170 150225170250+200275+ More

Liquid Force LF:WING:SKB:2014
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