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Byerly Buzz Wakesurfer (2015)

Byerly Buzz Wakesurfer (2015)   Byerly Buzz Wakesurfer (2015)

Byerly Buzz Wakesurfer (2015)

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The Buzz was created to bridge the gap between skim and surf style boards giving you the best of both worlds. The shape was crafted by Butch to be the fastest, most maneuverable board in the Byerly surf lineup. With its added thickness, full outline, and pulled in tail, it flies across the water yet turns on a dime. The domed deck and tuckedunder surfboard style rails hold an amazing edge, while the extreme double concave that runs out of the tail makes it super responsive in the pocket. With three removable fin options you can customize the ride from loose and floaty to maximum drive and response. The Buzz also features a new Feather Light EPS core and DuraShell construction to give it the feel and performance of an epoxy board but the added durability of a compression molded shape. Butch took everything he knows from his surf background and incorporated it all into this innovative masterpiece for behind the boat. FEATURES Shaped by Butch EPS FeatherLight Core DuraShell Construction Domed Deck Profile Real Future Surf Style Fin Boxes Smaller Center Trailer Fin Super Fast Single to Double Concave Fully Machined EVA... More

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