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CWB Merica Wakeboard (2015)

CWB Merica Wakeboard (2015)   CWB Merica Wakeboard (2015)

CWB Merica Wakeboard (2015)

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CWB MERICAIt's been a long time coming for something new in wakeboard construction. The new CWB 'Merica Wakeboard features CWB's all new AGS (Advanced Grid System) core technology. CWB starts with a CNC cut PVC foam core that is sliced into sections and then pieced back together with a fiberglass weave between the sections of foam. The fiberglass allows resin to invade the spaces between the cuts in the core to create a bond between the top and bottom of the board that would usually only exist around the edge. The result is an extremely tough wakeboard that is thinner and lighter than most wakeboards on the market. And it's all done right here in the good ol' US of A.Continuous Rocker Smooth, fast and predictable ride for soft landings Triple wrapped rails New AGS (Advanced Grid System) core technology Center stringer box One pound lighter than most wakeboards Four bolt on fins Made in the USA Designed for: Advanced/... More

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