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Slingshot Reflex Wakeboard (2015)

Slingshot Reflex Wakeboard (2015)   Slingshot Reflex Wakeboard (2015)

Slingshot Reflex Wakeboard (2015)

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ResponseThe reflex is our original wake park design in the team series with a subtle 3stage rocker, wider outline, and a soft flex pattern. This board is ideal for beginners all the way up to pro rail riders who are looking for big presses and a little extra cushion on those landings off the kickers. The chined rails offer a small clearance zone between the edges of the board and the uneven surfaces you may sometimes encounter in the rail park or out on a winching mission. The Reflex was designed with durability as it's first priority which is why we developed the ES base. Rest assured knowing your 2015 Reflex is in it for the long haul.Subtle 3Stage Rocker Rider friendly semiaggressive rocker that rides fast and boosts big ATOMIC CORE This allwood, ultra lightweight core provides the liveliest feel ever. There is no better core material for achieving the best flex performance and durability in a board than full wood. Slingshots wood is locally farmed from sustainable forests, that's why its called it Columbian Gold. ELLIPTICAL CONCAVE Concave bottom shape designed to optimize edgetoedge response. TAPERWALL A stepdown rail delivering optimum edge control, sound handling in choppy water, bomber impact resistance and added stability at speed. From the belly of the board, it tapers off in thickness acting as a molded fin when the board is on edge. NEW FASTRACK For 2013, Slingshot completely redesigned their proprietary mounting system and hardware to deliver increased stance options and simplify the boot installation. With a fresh and clean look, the Fastrack offers limitless micro stance adjustability and proven superior rider to board connection. SINGLESHOT FUSION SIDEWALL Slingshots transferred the same technology found in high durometer urethane skateboard wheels into the rail of all Slingshot... More

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