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Slingshot Terrian Wakeboard (2015)

Slingshot Terrian Wakeboard (2015)   Slingshot Terrian Wakeboard (2015)

Slingshot Terrian Wakeboard (2015)

 $369.00    $248.95

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ResponseThe 2015 Terrain is everything you need in the park and nothing you don't. Designed exclusively for park riders, this board features the softest flex Slingshot has ever offered. The terrain is an excellent choice for intermediate rail riders looking to get over that next hump and master their presses. XL sidewalls combine with the ES base and minimal bottom features to ensure maximum durability and longevity in the park. The wider tip profile helps the rider lock in throughout the entire length of obstacles. With no training wheel option (oops excuse us ldquo;finsrdquo;), the Terrain helps riders utilize proper edging techniques and offers complete freedom on rails and obstacles. Get ready to take your rail riding to the next level as you become the master of the Terrain.HANDBUILT IN THE USA Using nothing but the highestquality materials, Slingshots boards are built by Moonshine MFG in the Pacific Northwest. RIDER PROFILEBEGINNER TO EXPERT: Ideal for the freeride fanatic, weekend cruiser, snowboard style shredder and those looking for a soliddose of speed and agility,as well as lowimpact,kneesaving landings.SIZING / RIDER WEIGHT144 cm mdash; 155 to 265 lbs. (70 to 120 kg) More

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