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Radar Vapor Alloy Waterski (2015)

Radar Vapor Alloy Waterski (2015)   Radar Vapor Alloy Waterski (2015)

Radar Vapor Alloy Waterski (2015)

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Vapor AlloyAlloy Vapor is the opportunity to get a record setting shape without the price tag of PVC. The pressure it takes to "flex" or bend the ski does not change as you switch between construction models. The quicker reaction time taken to get back to the static shape is where a skier benefits. The Lithium construction it the fastest, most reactive ski on the water. Graphite Vapor shares the same pure carbon laminate schedule with the damper Machined AeroCore core, giving the ski a slightly slower reaction time and more connectivity to the water. Finally, Alloy construction has an increased swing weight and a very forgiving reaction to downward pressure. The damper the ski, the more forgiving in varying conditions and to mistakes made by the rider.Carbon/Fiberglass Laminates Machined AeroCore 47.5 degree bevel angle Hand Crafted at Radar Lake Recommended Weight63" 80130lbs65" 120160lbs67" 150190lbs69" 180 220lbs VECTOR OPEN TOE BINDINGS or PROFILE CLOSE TOE BINDINGSFEATURESFeather Frame Chassis Fully Intergrated Original baseless Single 3D molded tongue Double lacing Taller cuff and medium overall flex Symmetrical footbed with a welldefined heel cup and arch New internal construction for a better fit and increased comfort Medium Density footbed drives responsiveness PVC Free... More

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