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Ronix Code 22 Intelligent Wakeboard (2016)

Ronix Code 22 Intelligent Wakeboard (2016)   Ronix Code 22 Intelligent Wakeboard (2016)

Ronix Code 22 Intelligent Wakeboard (2016)

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Code 22This Ronix Code 22 WakeboardA new freeride turning aquatic device, mixed with Ronix's most explosive 3 stage snap and intelligent core for amazing response and feedback under foot.New for 2016 Ronix altered the rail to a full, soft surf inspired design for smoother arcing turns. Find the moment in our new freeride turn, experience smooth, relaxed freeride arcs and forgiving rails. Dean Smith arguably goes bigger than anybody in wakeboarding and wanted a rockerline that will react as powerfully as his high voltage riding. Whether you are loaded up or running flat into the wake you will notice the flattened rocker under your feet and a super late kick in the tip and tail. Now you don't have to ride behind a big wake to get the hangtime to hit the moonINTELLIGENT CONSTRUCTIONThe smartest core of them all delivering more feedback into the rider. A board that always know where you are, and can predict where you want to go.Intelligent core blended of foam and wood for the most responsive core ever created A surf round rail with a soft bevel thru the center creates a floaty feel and prevent that all too familiar edge catching digger The rail blends to a sharper bevel and rail in the tip and tail creating additional contact with the water Thinner profile creates more overall energy and added rebound off the wake and softer landings Created for the rider that wants to upgrade their vertical travels with our most explosive rockerline 4 Detachable 1.0rdquo; ramp fins Designed and ridden by former WWA World Champion Dean Smith SIZING / RIDER WEIGHT: 135 cm mdash; up to 160 lbs. / 139 cm mdash; up to 180 lbs. / 143 cm mdash; 170 lbs. and... More

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