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Ronix Hoverboard Wakeskate 42 (2014)

Ronix Hoverboard Wakeskate 42 (2014)   Ronix Hoverboard Wakeskate 42 (2014)

Ronix Hoverboard Wakeskate 42 (2014)

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Hoverboard 40"A highend single level concave/kicktail skate ready to take on any obstacles built with a bulletproof exterior. Complete with our compression molded technology and most durable Sintered Base, and a marine sealant covering the top laminates. A similar weight to Reed's bilevel, (don't be scared weight is a beautiful thing) and a more abrupt rocker line for a rider that wants the most explosive skate that doesn't get floaty when in air. Handcrafted with our exclusive secret concoction of the finest CNC machined woods for a snappy ollie out of the water. A 360 shove, back lipping Aframe special ready for the park. This aquatic gliding device is a tribute to a cinematic legend that was Chrissie Watkins if you only could ski with rear view mirrors.Concave starts in the center of the board and then tapers to the ends for a more controllable flip Late Arc Rocker for the rider that wants to make every transfer feel like a double up Compression Molding the most durable wood skate out there Sintered Base rail approved ABS sidewall reducing the chances of delams and side impacts can't do Krypto Cable just trust us The poppiest wood we have ever tested 2 .8rdquo; wakeskate fins Dieter Humpsch designed and endorsed SIZING / RIDER WEIGHT40" mdash; up to 170 lbs. 42" mdash; 155 lbs. and... More

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