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Slingshot Shredtown Wakeboard (2015)

Slingshot Shredtown Wakeboard (2015)   Slingshot Shredtown Wakeboard (2015)

Slingshot Shredtown Wakeboard (2015)

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Made in America Thats all we have to say. Slingshot Shredtown 2015 Wakeboard When the Slingshot Shredtown came on the scene a few years ago in the Cartoon style graphics everyone when crazy for the Shredtown wakeboards. The Shredtown crew were fresh and doing things on Wakeboards that had never been done before. Now into the 4rd year of the Slingshot Shredtown Wakeboard yet again they have made the board stronger so it can take more hits at your local winching spot. The New graphic looks awesome as ever and the wakeboard is self does not disappoint at all.SIZING / RIDER WEIGHT 135 cm mdash; 100 to 170 lbs. (45 to 77 kg) 139 cm mdash; 140 to 230 lbs. (63 to 104 kg) 143 cm mdash; 155 to 265 lbs. (70 to 120 kg) More

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