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Ronix Preston Black Boot (2015)

Ronix Preston Black Boot (2015)   Ronix Preston Black Boot (2015)

Ronix Preston Black Boot (2015)

 $389.99    $215.99

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Preston Black Chrome Boot Asym Flex 7An amazingly well rounded boot sits on top of Ronix's new state fo the art Brainframe Hardware. Support is focused below the ankle to create a solid connection and hollowed liner ankles allow you to move feely in any direction while still feeling locked in for the most performance at this price level.Brainframe Technologies a footwear breakthrough in fit, function, and interchangeability Stage 3 liner the best in nonheat moldable foam 3D molded tongue improves fit and maintains a consistent flex Lower ankle focused retention allows for both freedom and control Made around our Perfect Lasts the foundation to our acclaimed fit Footbed Feel #2 Built in Jbars keeps your heels secure Articulating cuff the boot flexes with the rider without boot distortion Stitched reinforcing in the heel area eliminates delamination Erik Ruck Signature boot Suit up in an all fancy black boot Brainframe Technologies not brain freeze like after a big sip of a slushy but BRAINFRAME. To many features to mention but here are a few Secures the foot from the bottom up, Instant energy transfer reducing rider fatigue and energy loss, limits distortion in the boot and eliminates much of the stitching and lamination problems of older... More

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