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Byerly AR1 Wakeboard (2015)

Byerly AR1 Wakeboard (2015)   Byerly AR1 Wakeboard (2015)

Byerly AR1 Wakeboard (2015)

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AR1Aaron Rathy has become a constant force in the sport and his riding style seems to evolve with every season. Since his first year with Byerly he has been working on a shape that was designed specifically for him. The AR1 is the culmination of all the hard work and testing. Scott "Butch" Bouchard designed this shape to be responsive, fast and poppy, but also extremely durable. This is accomplished with our all new Cross Link construction. This process fuses the top and bottom fiberglass laminates in four zones throughout the core. By connecting the top and bottom laminates a strong "Ibeam" bond is formed. This new construction method has allowed us to design a thinner shape with no loss of strength. The AR1 utilizes Byerly's first Continuous rocker line to generate maximum speed into the wake with no loss of pop .The new profile allows the board to have a very responsive feel and hold a strong edge into the wake. Mr. Rathy and Butch have been working on this shape for three seasons and now it is ready to rip.Shaped by Scott Butch Bouchard Continuous Rocker Cross Link Construction Glass Rope Sidewall Biolite 3 Core Reinforced, Elevated Footbed Area Thin Tip / Tail Thickness Subtle Center Landing Feature Layered Glass M6 Insert Pack Fins: 4 .8 SS Beam SIZING / RIDER WEIGHT53" mdash; 100 to 180 lbs. 55" mdash; 150 to 250... More

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