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Bern Lenox Womens Helmet

Bern Lenox Womens Helmet   Bern Lenox Womens Helmet

Bern Lenox Womens Helmet

 $69.99    $49.99

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LenoxThe original visor helmet serves up a unique style with cofort and protection so whether you're on your board, bike, the slopes, or in the water, the Lenox, will have a model to match your needs. You may be wondering why there are so many models of the Lenox and what they all mean for you? So to break it down, the Lenox comes in 3 models: EPS, HardHat, and H2O. The Lenox H2O model is a certified watersports helmet designed specifically for water use. Constructed almost identically to a HardHat that utilizes an AVS shell lined with soft moisture wicking Brock Foam the difference is how it is lined with neoprene to help protect the helmet from becoming waterlogged. This helmet is designed for multiple lower impacts and great for wakeboarding at the cable park or... More

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