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Byerly Blunt Wakeboard (2011)53

Byerly Blunt Wakeboard (2011)53   Byerly Blunt Wakeboard (2011)53

Byerly Blunt Wakeboard (2011)53

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Blunt 55The Byerly Blunt is one of the most underrated wakeboards out there Everytime I ride one I have one of my better sets. Which are becoming more rare and rare these days... Super fun board that's very predictable and releases amazing off the wake. The Blended 3Stage rocker line provides just enough speed while still maintaining great pop. Also the new Blunt features some bomb proof technology in the sidewall that is comprised of strands of Carbon, Kevlar, and Fiberglass all woven together in a .25 diameter. When combined these materials create a full 360 degree perimeter of added strength, flex, and pop. This new construction method allows the Blunt to be the thinnest most durable Byerly shape to date. The Blunt features a moldedin style of removable fin that has two mounting locations. This allows a rider to run the fins closer to the tip/tail for a more locked in feel or nearly 1 from the tip/tail for a quicker release off the wake. So go ahead and roll up on this Blunt....Shaped by Scott Butch Bouchard Full Perimeter Flack Jacket Sidewall Slider Base Biolite 3 Core External Removable Moldedin Style Fins Strategic Flex Patterns Reinforced, elevated footbed Area Thin Tip / Tail Thickness Blended 3Stage rocker TriAx Layered Glass M6 Insert Pack Fins: 4 .8... More

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