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CWB Mode Wakeboard (2015)

CWB Mode Wakeboard (2015)   CWB Mode Wakeboard (2015)

CWB Mode Wakeboard (2015)

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CWB MODEThe CWB Mode Wakeboard is a fun and playful boat board with a wide waist and continuous rocker for fun, playful and easy riding. The larger than average waist of the Mode gives it more surface area and a larger sweet spot, making it more surfy and forgiving. A dual spine running the length of the board locks you down as you land, for stable, soft landings. To top it off, CWB built the Mode with variable rocker lines, meaning more rocker near the edges of the board, and less towards the spine. This decreases resistance as you angle the board, allowing you to ease into turns more reliably.Continuous Rocker Smooth, fast and predictable ride for soft landings VTech Easier edge to edge transitions, and softens landings by displacing waterMassive mid section Multiple ministeps create grip with less drag Dual Spine Dual center spine for extra soft landings Pro Core Super light density closed cell polyurethane foam proven to withstand pro level abuse. Smorg Laminated Nexus shell with UV protection, lightweight and very durable. 4x Bolt on Fins Ability Level:... More

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