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Liquid Force Raph Hybrid (2015)

Liquid Force Raph Hybrid (2015)   Liquid Force Raph Hybrid (2015)

Liquid Force Raph Hybrid (2015)

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Raph HybridThe most progressive rider in the world designed a board that dominates the park What more could you want from a board? Raph Derome has solidified himself as a premier rider and his first pro model board was built to take him to new levels... The RAPH hybrid is a hard charging cable/rail riding board designed for maximum catchfree performance on rails and kickers Raph came to us wanting a no compromise park board that slides smooth without hangups while providing edging hold into and off of your hits and we gave him what he wanted The RAPH's triplestringer, Hybrid Composite Core is wrapped in a bullet proof Liquid Rail and LF's exclusive Grind Base to give you lot's of lively spring and flex. This board is a mega performer that is ultra sensitive, giving it the ultimate in board control and feel... Strap in and give it a spinHybrid Technology Delivers a performance hull shape with precise flex and response propertiesPrecision CNC TripleStringer Wood/PU Core Triple stringers between foam provides superior strength and lively flexSingle Concave Hull w/ Edge Channels Concave softens landing and maintains speed while channels increase control and holdConcaved Beveled Rail Keeps the rail catchfree on rails, but holds on the waterTriax Glass Layup Provides torsional rigidity with increased longitudinal flexProgressive, Three Stage Rocker LF Slider Quad Fin SetupLF Exclusive GRIND BaseLF Exclusive Liquid... More

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