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Liquid Force Remedy Wakeboard (2015)

Liquid Force Remedy Wakeboard (2015)   Liquid Force Remedy Wakeboard (2015)

Liquid Force Remedy Wakeboard (2015)

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RemedyHarley Clifford continues to push his boat riding further than anyone and this year he wanted a new board that could take him higher while responding quicker to his every move. The new REMEDY, with its increased rocker angle and Venturi hull, was designed to launch him, as well as you, more efficiently into a high and fast trajectory off any wake. With its fuller ends and its unique ldquo;splittiprdquo; shape, you will feel the added lift off the wake, increased control and board feel. This board will make you feel like you are controlling the wake itself. The REMEDY'S thinner profile gives you a quicker turning board that provides great hold and positive edging. Finished off with a bottom skin that gives it reduced weight and a superior, slick, durable surface, the REMEDY is a modern day boat riding rocket shipAggressive Three Stage Rocker Increased rocker exit angle for the highest arc off the wakeTriple Concave inside Single flows into Venturi Quad Channels Center section gives you the softest landings with no loss of speed loss or flow...Venturi effect into tip channels keeps board moving fast with positive gripldquo;SplitTiprdquo; Shape Increased control and board feelThin profile low volume rails Gives a deeper bite into the water for faster, more sensitive edgingProGlass Combo Layup Special combination glass layup offers increased flexural strengthBladed RX Quad Fin... More

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