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Remote Lecomte Wakeskate 40in (2014)

Remote Lecomte Wakeskate 40in (2014)   Remote Lecomte Wakeskate 40in (2014)

Remote Lecomte Wakeskate 40in (2014)

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Along side with Ben and Silas, Yan has been Remote since the beginning.Yan is the easy going comrade of the crew. On top of that, he can shred just about anything. His technical riding goes hand in hand with his unique style and regardless what you put in front of him, it's going to be unreal to watch.Watching Yan progress over the past few years has been nothing short of inspiring. His place in wakeskating has never gone unnoticed and it's awesome having him around. We love watching his stunts and he's always the goto bus driver on trips. This Frenchspeaking Canadian is more than just a Remote team rider.Yan is family.Features:Wood Ply Epoxy Construction Made in the USA Griptape... More

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