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Slingshot Option Boot (2015)

Slingshot Option Boot (2015)   Slingshot Option Boot (2015)

Slingshot Option Boot (2015)

 $239.04    $149.40

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The Option boot is unbeatable when it comes to performance and versatility. Its open toe design gives a better fit to a variety of sizes without sacrificing large amounts of performance. A lower lacing zone and upper velcro strap simplify entry and exit while offering a more custom fit. For the best value, pair with our Choice wakeboard and you will comfortably enjoy our world of flex technology. SM (59), ML (8.510.5), LXL (10.513.5)FEATURESDIRECT BASE SYSTEM HYBRID STRAP AND LACE CLOSURE SYSTEM (NEW) ADJUSTABLE / REPLACEABLE UPPER STRAP (NEW) 3D MOLDED SEAMLESS TONGUE (NEW) ARTICULATING CUFF DUAL DENSITY FOOTBED BUILT IN J BARS UNIVERSAL MOUNTING HARDWARE PVC... More

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