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Ronix August Girls Wakeboard (2015)

Ronix August Girls Wakeboard (2015)   Ronix August Girls Wakeboard (2015)

Ronix August Girls Wakeboard (2015)

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AugustIf you're looking for a junior wake setup that scales down its flex to match its size, the August Wakeboard + August Bindings are your best bet. Unlike most children's boards that shrink a big board and call it good, designed everything from the ground up to perform the best for smaller riders. From the kidspecific grom glass that provides the ultimate flex to the forgiving bevel and wider tip and tail to perform better at low speeds, the August setup is made to provide up and comers with the setup they need to excel.Board Features15 piece sticker pack included with board 2 Detachable 1.75" Fiberglass Hook Fins These fins provide all the grip you need on choppier water. 4 Asymmetric Molded Outer Fins By providing additional grip on the toeside, this design provides riders with greater confidence where they need it most. Wide Tip and Tail This more forgiving shape gives riders easier starts, more flotation even at low speeds and provides a larger sweet spot. Construction Grom Glass This lighter, softerflexing glass allows for kids' specific constructions that let groms get all the benefits out of a kid's specific board. Rails/Edges 4 Bevel angled edges allow for cleaner transitions and less edge catches. Mellow Round Radius Fading Bevel By setting a predictable and smooth edge with little effort, this rail design doesn't require a steep edge angle to get speed. Rocker A mellow, consistent 2.4" rocker allows for easy landings while remaining fast and stable. SpecsAbility Level: BeginnerIntermediate Rocker Type: Continuous Fin Configuration: 2 Detachable 1.75" Warranty: 1... More

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