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Hyperlite Webb Wakeboard (2014)

Hyperlite Webb Wakeboard (2014)   Hyperlite Webb Wakeboard (2014)

Hyperlite Webb Wakeboard (2014)

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WebbJD and Scott Bouchard have gotten together yet again to create the third installment in a very successful series. This allnew design has given JD the ability to ride at the cable or behind the boat with the same deck. Thanks to our Crossover Core technology, which combines two advanced core materials, the Webb provides great fl ex characteristics but maintains its rocker line between the bindings allowing for great pop off of the wake. The shape itself features a very Blended 3Stage rocker line allowing it to carry speed and pop. The Webb also has mellow tip and tail channels and a single concave base feature so it can maintain strong edge hold. Combine all of this with a full 360 degree ABS sidewall and full Sintered Enduro base and you have one of the most durable boards on the market.Fully Machined Crossover Flex Core TriAx Layered Glass Multicolor ABS Sidewall Beveled Center Edge Shallow Tip/Tail Channels Subtle Center Landing Feature Sintered Enduro Base Blended 3Stage Rocker High Gloss UV Clear Finish M6 Inserts Fins: 4 .8 inch SS Beam SIZING / RIDER WEIGHT 140 cm mdash; 130 to 200 lbs. 144 cm mdash; 150 to 230... More

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