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Shark Tank Bundle

Shark Tank Bundle   Shark Tank Bundle

Shark Tank Bundle


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Get your hands on the invention all five sharks fought over on ABC's Shark Tank. A bundle of the best products from LuminAID, the company that Mark Cuban called "an example of an innovation that solves a problem for society." Compact and powerful, LuminAID foldable lanterns bring the power of light to your hands. Must-have gear for family camping, backpacking, sailing, pool parties, the backyard, music festivals, pillow forts, emergency prep, or wherever light is useful. Includes:1x PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Supercharger - $69.99This powerful 2-in-1 lantern + phone charger is designed for rugged adventures and charging beyond the grid. Take your gear to the next level.1x PackLite Firefly USB - $24.99This glittering, flickering lantern will set the mood for any occasion. Make any space feel like home with the warm glow of this bright lantern.1x PackLite Nova USB - $24.99This high-performing, pack-flat, waterproof, solar lantern is a staple in any emergency kit or camping... More

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