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Shark Tank Bundle

Shark Tank Bundle   Shark Tank Bundle

Shark Tank Bundle


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Make the holidays merry and bright with gifts perfect for anyone's stocking!Includes:1x PackLite Hero 2-in-1 SuperchargerThis powerful 2-in-1 lantern + phone charger is designed for rugged adventures and charging beyond the grid. Take your gear to the next level.1x PackLite Firefly USBThis glittering, flickering lantern will set the mood for any occasion. Make any space feel like home with the warm glow of this bright lantern.1x PackLite Nova USBThis high-performing, pack-flat, waterproof, solar lantern is a staple in any emergency kit, camping pack, or stocking! Let's make the holidays bright.Get your hands on the invention all five sharks fought over on ABC's Shark Tank. A bundle of the best products from LuminAID, the company that Mark Cuban called "an example of an innovation that solves a problem for society." Compact and powerful, LuminAID foldable lanterns bring the power of light to your hands. Must-have gear for family camping, backpacking, sailing, pool parties, the backyard, music festivals, pillow forts, emergency prep, or wherever light is useful.This year's Shark Tank Bundle features two of our newest products along with the fan favorite, the PackLite Nova... More

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