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LuminAID Winter Sticker Package

LuminAID Winter Sticker Package   LuminAID Winter Sticker Package

LuminAID Winter Sticker Package


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Overview Run Time Shipping FAQ The 2018 Winter Holiday Sticker Package lets you bring rechargeable light anywhere. Let's make the holidays bright! No two snowflakes are alike, which is why we've provided you with 12 snowflake options and 8 snowballs, AND a cuddly penguin, cozy mitten, and friendly snowman. What will your family create? Waterproof and dustproof, the PackLite Nova USB features 5 lights settings and can be recharged with the sun or with a USB input (cord included). Use them to illuminate your holiday display, add ambiance to the office party, or decorate them together as a family. PLUS the stickers are waterproof and removable, so you can use your PackLite Nova USB all year long for the beach, backyard, campsite, or emergency kit.FREE 5-7 Day Standard Shipping Over $50. Are these decorations reusable?Yes! You can use this winter decor all year round. The stickers are removable and they won't stick to walls or other surfaces. Simply remove the stickers, and you've got a colorful night light or porch lighting for the summer. Plus, the PackLite Nova USB is 100% waterproof, dustproof, and designed for rugged outdoor use, so you never have to worry about slips or spills with this product. Technical Information:Push Red Button for TURBO, High, Medium, Low, and Flashing settings4 Hours LED light on TURBO setting - 75 Lumens7 Hours LED light on High setting14 Hours LED light on Medium setting24 Hours LED light on Low settingMultiple Days of light on Flashing settingRecharges in 10 hours of direct sunlightLithium-Polymer Ion battery with thousands of recharge cyclesWeight: 5 ozDimensions approximately: 4.6" W x 4.6" L X 1" H (flat) / 4.6" x 4.75" x 4.6" (inflated)Waterproof up to 1 meter deep and can float (IP67)Product is 100% PVC-free and all components are lead-free and RoHs... More

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