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PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Supercharger

PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Supercharger   PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Supercharger

PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Supercharger


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Overview Run Time Shipping FAQ Learn more about our crowdfunding campaign here.The PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Supercharger is a solar inflatable lantern & phone charger that packs flat for easy carrying and charging on the go. Designed for rugged adventures and charging beyond the grid, the PackLite Hero is your all-in-one solar gear to keep you powered up wherever you go.FREE 5-7 Day Standard Shipping Over $50. Can I charge my phone while the Hero is charging?To make sure the battery is functioning efficiently, we recommend you stop charging your light before you charge any external devices with it.Can I charge my light when it's cloudy?Yes! Our high efficiency solar panels will charge even in overcast conditions. You will need to allow an additional 1-2 days for the battery to fully charge.What does 300 lumens of brightness mean?A light that produces 300 lumens is able to illuminate 300 square feet on its own! Even the lowest setting on the Hero is bright enough to read... More

Solar 2-In-1 Phone Charger packlite-hero-2-in-1-supercharger-ecom
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