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Smart Solar Garden Star

Smart Solar Garden Star   Smart Solar Garden Star

Smart Solar Garden Star


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Meet the StarThe Star was fully funded on Kickstarter and is now available for preorder on Indiegogo!The Star has warm & cool white LEDs, allowing you to control the temperature & brightness. It has an integrated solar panel and is designed to pack flat. Tell your lights what time to turn on or off, or sync with the sun to illuminate at sunset.The LuminAID Smart Solar Garden line unites green technology and intelligent design to empower sustainable living beyond the grid.Bluetooth-enabled & wireless, the lights connect seamlessly to your phoneSet light schedules to turn on and off your lights at specific timesCharge via solar or magnetic chargingIlluminate any space with waterproof and cordless lanterns Technical Information:60 Lumens12-hour runtimeRecharges in 12-16 hours of direct sunlight or 1-2 hours by magnetic input (cord included)Vibrant cool white and warm white LEDsUse in any weather: 100% Waterproof assembly24" diameter when fully expandedBluetooth-enabled & mobile app controls for switch-free... More

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