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Send a Solar Lantern to Project Coqui

Send a Solar Lantern to Project Coqui   Send a Solar Lantern to Project Coqui

Send a Solar Lantern to Project Coqui


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Help Project Coqui Light up Puerto Rico! Project Coqui is focused on providing further assistance to the people of Puerto Rico who are still without power. Working with our partners on the ground in Puerto Rico, the Ponce Police Department's Community Affairs team, Project Coqui has conducted various humanitarian missions providing solar lights, water filters, food, and other supplies during the last six months since hurricane Maria devastated the island. As part of this solar light campaign we are once again partnering with the Ponce Police Dept. Community affairs team in order to get the donated lights directly to the people of Puerto Rico.Distribution of the donated lights will be done in coordination with the community security councils of the Puerto Rico Police, Ponce areas. Lights purchased through that page will be sent directly to the Ponce Police Department at the end of our campaignSHIPPING NOTICE: The cost of shipping this item on your behalf to Project Coqui is included in the price. You will not receive anything shipped to you when you order this... More

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