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Xtra-Lite Stepladder (Demo) - Type 1AA

Xtra-Lite Stepladder (Demo) - Type 1AA   Xtra-Lite Stepladder (Demo) - Type 1AA

Xtra-Lite Stepladder (Demo) - Type 1AA


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Offering extremely lightweight construction, the Little Giant Xtra Lite is an excellent option for anyone who needs a reliable ladder for performing routine household tasks. Yet, despite its lightweight and ease of transport, this ladder does not sacrifice durability or the ability to hold a heavy load. Lightweight TechnologyWeighing just 12 pounds, this super lightweight ladder is easy to carry from one site to the next or to adjust for different needs. Yet, despite its lightweight, this ladder boasts a Type IAA rating and is capable of holding up to 375 pounds. As such, it is a great option for simple tasks such as changing a light bulb as well as for larger tasks that may require carrying heavy tools and materials.Keeping You ComfortableIn addition to offering a lightweight option for performing household tasks, this ladder also offers features that are designed to make you as comfortable as possible. This includes a spacious standing platform that provides plenty of room for your feet while working on the ladder. Not only does this help to prevent foot and leg fatigue, but it also gives you room to maneuver while performing tasks. This ladder also features an innovative top cap that allows you to keep your tools close at hand, thereby eliminating the need to climb up and down the ladder to gather the tools and materials you need to complete the job.Just the Size You NeedThe Little Giant Xtra Lite ladder is a five-foot ladder that reduces to a slim storage profile of the same height when not in use. This ladder also works well with the optional Vertical Organizer, which can be used to expand the holding capacity of the top cap or can be used as a wall rack for... More

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