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Dark Horse Fiberglass Ladder - Types 1A & 1AA

Dark Horse Fiberglass Ladder - Types 1A & 1AA   Dark Horse Fiberglass Ladder - Types 1A & 1AA

Dark Horse Fiberglass Ladder - Types 1A & 1AA


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Designed with versatility and safety in mind, the Little Giant Dark Horse can be configured to meet a variety of different needs and uses. With its ability to transform into different types of ladders, this model increases safety by preventing over-reaching or using the wrong ladder for the job.Versatility You Can TrustCapable of adapting to virtually any climbing situation, this ladder can be transformed into dozens of different configurations. Among these are extension, A-frame and 90-degree ladders in a variety of different sizes. Due to its extreme adaptability, this particular model can also be easily configured for safe use on stairs or other uneven surfaces. As such, you only need to have one ladder in order to meet all of your jobsite needs.See it in ActionKeeping Workers SafeThis particular model boasts a number of features that are meant to keep users safe. Among these is a wide-flared base, which provides more lateral stability than the typical straight-sided step or extension ladder. This added stability helps to prevent accidents caused by over-reaching. Constructed with non-conductive fiberglass composite, the ladder can also be safely used in virtually any work environment. Ease of Use This particular model is built with the goal of helping the user save time and energy. Not only does it easily transform into a variety of different ladder types and sizes, but it is also constructed from lightweight material that makes it easy to move from place to place. The lightweight design also helps to prevent shoulder and back injuries that can occur when transporting heavier models. Despite the lightweight design, the Little Giant Dark Horse ladder offers superb strength and durability. In fact, it boasts a 1A duty rating of up to 300 pounds. This model is available in 13, 17 and 22-foot... More

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