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Compact Safety Cage - Type 1AA

Compact Safety Cage - Type 1AA   Compact Safety Cage - Type 1AA

Compact Safety Cage - Type 1AA


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Keeping your workers safe is a top priority in any workplace. Not only is it a requirement of various state and federal safety regulations, but it is also the right thing to do. Unfortunately, having workers tie off to do a job at certain heights can be problematic. In addition to restricting mobility, tying off can actually create a more cumbersome and dangerous situation as workers put themselves in unsafe positions to complete their tasks. With the help of the Little Giant Compact Safety Cage, workers can easily use both hands while at certain heights without fear of falling or otherwise becoming injured.Reaching Difficult PlacesThanks to the compact design of this particular model, workers can access constricted areas such as those found in standard ceiling tile openings. As such, workers can work above drop ceilings while remaining in compliance with tie-off rules and regulations. With its ability to adjust in one-foot increments, the platform height of this model can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of the job at hand. Each side can also be adjusted independently, allowing the operator to use the cage over uneven surfaces or even on stairs.See it in ActionKeeping Workers SafeMade from high-strength fiberglass-resin composite, this model is a non-conductive option that can be safely used in virtually any workplace environment. Since the cage protects workers in a fully enclosed working platform, they can easily and safely move about within their workspace while having both hands free to complete their work tasks.Ease of UseThanks to the unique Tip & Glide Wheels found on this model, it can be quickly and easily moved from one job to the next, saving time and energy. The Little Giant Compact Safety Cage is available in 4 to 6-foot and 6 to 10-foot sizes, allowing the right size to be easily purchased to meet every job need.Free Freight ShippingThis item is shipped free using a freight trucking... More

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