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Overhaul Firefighter Ladder - Type 1AA

Overhaul Firefighter Ladder - Type 1AA   Overhaul Firefighter Ladder - Type 1AA

Overhaul Firefighter Ladder - Type 1AA


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Designed to be used by firefighters, the Little Giant Overhaul boasts a number of features that were specifically engineered to meet the unique challenges of firefighters. From its size to the material used in its construction, this ladder is meant to serve as a reliable tool to firefighters as they face the most treacherous of workplace environments. Easy to HandleWhen fighting fires, it is necessary to have a ladder that can extend to great heights while also remaining small enough to carry through tight spaces. This ladder extends to 17 feet but is just 4 foot 7 inches tall when retracted. In this way, the ladder can easily fit in an elevator, be carried up a flight of stairs or fit around tight corners. To further ease transport, the ladder features heavy-duty casters as well as a solid aluminum carrying handle that can be gripped while wearing firefighter gloves. See it in ActionStability and Safety This ladder features ratchet levelers that can be adjusted in seconds in order to create an even, level setup in even the toughest of situations. Whether facing uneven ground due to slope or because of debris, this ladder can be easily leveled even while wearing heavy firefighting gloves and boots. The ladder also features adjustable non-slip rubber feet, which provides additional stability on slippery surfaces ranging from carpet to grass.Firefighter SafetyTo help to increase safety for firefighters, this ladder comes equipped with high-viz reflective labels and the exclusive Safety Insight photo-luminescent strip. Capable of glowing for up to 16 hours when charged, this technology helps to identify rung location even in low light situations. The ladder also features roof and rafter hooks, which hook into the rafter or truss to help prevent the ladder from slipping out from underneath as firefighters work. Meanwhile, the heat sensing labels indicate when the ladder has been exposed to damaging temperatures that require it to be taken out of... More

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