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SafeFrame Fiberglass Stepladder - Type 1AA

SafeFrame Fiberglass Stepladder - Type 1AA   SafeFrame Fiberglass Stepladder - Type 1AA

SafeFrame Fiberglass Stepladder - Type 1AA


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With safety being a great concern in any workplace, the Little Giant Safe Frame was specifically designed with safety in mind. In addition to being designed in such a way to prevent users from standing on the top run, this ladder is also specifically designed to reduce the risk of missing the bottom step when descending from the ladder.Staying Safe at the TopStepping onto the top run or cap of a stepladder is one of the leading causes of ladder-related accidents in the workplace. Not only is this a problem because of worker injuries, but it also leads to OSHA citations when workers are injured in this way. To help eliminate the temptation to step beyond the highest recommended step, this ladder is engineered specifically to deter operators from stepping this far up the ladder. Descending Safely In addition to being injured by climbing too far up the ladder, workers are often injured by missing the final step on their way down. In fact, as many as 20 percent of ladder-related injuries occur when the operator accidentally misses this bottom step. With the patent-pending Ground Cue bottom rung signal, operators feel and hear an audible alert reminding them when it is safe to step off the ladder. Meeting Worker Needs With its unique Face-Forward feature, the Little Giant Safe Frame boasts a top cap that cradles the operator's legs. In this way, the operator is encouraged to face the front of the ladder while working rather than twisting in an unsafe manner. The ladder also features an extra wide standing run for increased balance and stability. This ladder is ANSI rated to hold up to 375 pounds and is available in 6, 8, 10 and 12-foot... More

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