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Little Giant Trestle Brackets

Little Giant Trestle Brackets   Little Giant Trestle Brackets

Little Giant Trestle Brackets


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Now you can quickly and easily convert your Little Giant Ladder into a secure scaffolding systemJust add the Little Giant Trestle Bracket Kit to your ladder and you've got two rock-solid trestles to support a variety of scaffolding. Combined with the Little Giant Telescoping Plank, this scaffolding system provides three different height options and virtually infinite width adjustments.Trestle Bracket FeaturesConverts your Little Giant into secure scaffolding trestles.Three different scaffolding/workbench heights.Replaces bulky, expensive scaffolding systems.Aircraft-grade aluminum construction.Reduces trips up and down your ladder.How to Choose the Right Trestle Bracket ModelTo determine which bracket you need, you need to first determine what model of ladder you own. There are labels on the sides of your ladder that tell you which model of ladder you have. From there, you can select the appropriate trestle bracket model for your application.Classic Kit is compatible with Little Giant Aircraft Support, Alta-One, Classic, Helium. Megalite, MegaMax, Pro Series, Super Duty, Tactical, Titan, Titan X, Type 1, and Velocity models (made before July 1, 2015).*Dark Horse Kit is compatible with Little Giant Dark Horse and Conquest models.Leveler Kit is compatible with Little Giant Defender, Leveler, Liberty, LT, Quantum, Revolution, Velocity (made after July 1, 2015)*, and Xtreme models.Understanding Date StampsCheck your ladder for a date stamp. It is located either on the back brace of the ladder or right under the lock tab. Example: "10972S". The first and fourth numbers equal the year ("17") and the second and third numbers equal the month it was made ("09"), and the fifth number is the week of the month ("2") it was... More

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