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Safety Cage - Type 1AA

Safety Cage - Type 1AA   Safety Cage - Type 1AA

Safety Cage - Type 1AA


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When looking for a way to increase the safety of ladder use in the workplace, the Little Giant Safety Cage is the answer. Capable of being used with ladders of a variety of sizes, this safety cage protects workers from the most common causes of stepladder injury. Meeting Safety GuidelinesAccording to industry regulations, workers need to be tied off to a suitable anchor point before they can work from an elevated position while using both hands. Unfortunately, being tied off can make the work more difficult or even impossible to accomplish. With this safety cage, however, workers are safely inside an enclosed platform that offers a more versatile and efficient way to keep the worker safe. Unlike platform stepladders, this cage serves as a wraparound guardrail that completely wraps around the worker while remaining in compliance with tie-off rules.See it in ActionKeeping Workers SafeStaying Safe In addition to making it possible for workers to perform tasks in any direction, this safety cage features the patent-pending Ground Cue bottom-rung signal. With as many as 20% of injuries occurring when workers accidentally miss the bottom step while going down the ladder, this technology allows the operator to feel and hear an audible alert reminding him when it is time to step off the ladder.Meeting Your NeedsConstructed from a non-conductive, high-strength fiberglass-resin composite, this cage is more mobile and lightweight than other platform options such as scaffolds and powered lifts. As such, it can be used in areas where a mechanical lift or ordinary stepladder cannot. With its compact footprint and Tip & Glide Wheels, it is easy to store and transport from job to job. The Little Giant Safety Cage is rated Type 1AA for up to 375 pounds and is available in 2, 4, 6 and 8-foot models. These dimensions are comparable to 4, 6, 8 and 10-foot traditional stepladder sizes.Free Freight ShippingThis item is shipped free using a freight trucking... More

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