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MightyLite Fiberglass Stepladder - Types 1A & 1AA

MightyLite Fiberglass Stepladder - Types 1A & 1AA   MightyLite Fiberglass Stepladder - Types 1A & 1AA

MightyLite Fiberglass Stepladder - Types 1A & 1AA


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The Little Giant MightyLite was made specifically with the health and safety of workers in mind. With a weight that is significantly lighter than comparable stepladders, this ladder helps to prevent painful shoulder, neck and back injuries caused by carrying heavy equipment. In addition to the other safety features that have been put in place with this model, it also offers a number of conveniences that make it a must-have for any workplace or home.Staying SafeWhile the lightweight design of this ladder is one of it is best safety features, this particular model takes safety a step further. Thanks to its unique design, this ladder prevents a user from standing on the top rung. With dangerous falls caused by standing on the top run or cap being one of the most common causes of ladder-related injury, this feature helps to significantly increase safety in the workplace.See it in ActionA Ladder that Works With YouTo help further increase safety, this ladder also boasts the patent-pending Ground Cue design that is designed to work with the user. This feature helps to prevent injuries by signaling the user when it is safe to get off the ladder. This feature helps to reduce the risk of back, ankle and knee injuries caused by missing the bottom run. Keeping it ConvenientThe Little Giant Mighty Lite also offers several features that are meant to make the job easier. This includes wide comfortable treads on each rung along with a spacious standing deck, allowing the user to stand on the ladder for long periods of time while completing a task. The ladder also features a top cap that allows tools to be kept close at hand, thereby eliminating the need to go up and down the ladder to obtain tools and materials. When not in use, the ladder folds to a 5" storage profile. This ladder is available in both Type 1A 300 pound and Type 1AA 375 pound... More

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