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FlameStower Fire Charger

FlameStower Fire Charger   FlameStower Fire Charger

FlameStower Fire Charger

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Product details provided by LifeStraw:
FlameStower is a light and compact charger that will charge any electronic device (phone, flashlight, camera etc) in any environment with fire. Overview FlameStower efficiently captures excess heat from cooking stoves or campfires to charge your USB-powered devices: cell phones, GPS, and more. Its design allows for easy setup, charging, and storing - making FlameStower your affordable and portable solution for energy on the go. FlameStower was built to work under any conditions - while solar chargers are great, you can't always rely on solar charging at night or in overcast or stormy weather. Morning, noon or night, FlameStower is ready to go on your schedule. Not just for camping, FlameStower is the practical solution for storms and power outages. It is a necessary addition to any modern survival kit to keep you and your family in touch. Features & Benefits: Charge your phone fast - 2.5 to 3 watts of power available within a couple of minutes (as fast as if plugged into your computer) Lightest charger on the market, weighing 10 oz (less than a can of pop) Compact - it folds up to the size of a protein bar and fits in your back pocket USB Charging - built in USB connector will charge any electronic device Works by transferring thermal energy to a thermoelectric generator (TEG) Does not rely on solar power - use day or night! Use indoors or outdoors Running and Use Connect your device to the FlameStower, fill the reservoir with water (any water will do!) and place the blade in the fire. Water may need to be refilled about every hour, or as often as necessary to maintain water in the reservoir. FlameStower has been designed to withstand high temperatures, and performance is directly related to proximity to the fire. Use the Power Quality Lights (PQLs) at the back of the charger to determine if you need more fire on the blade! Frequently Asked Questions How does it work? The FlameStower Fire Charger works with the energy of your cooking stove or camp fire. Once the blade is in a fire, the thermal energy is transferred to the Thermoelectric Generator (TEG). The opposite surface of the TEG is in contact with the water reservoir - hot side gets hot, cold side stays relatively cool, and the temperature difference generates electricity. Why does it need water? The generator works off a temperature difference, a hot side and a cold side. Water helps keep the "cold side" of our generator cold to maintain that difference. How fast does it charge? FlameStower generates the same energy as a USB port on your laptop computers, or half the power of phone charger in a wall outlet. So, if it takes an hour and a half to completely charge your phone at home, it will take three hours to completely charge your phone with FlameStower. Put another way, for every minute of charge time you should get about three minutes of talk time. Not bad! What devices can I charge with FlameStower Pretty much anything that accepts a standard USB Charge: cell and satellite phones, handheld GPS units, AA and AAA batteries, headlamps, cameras, etc. How do I know if my device is actually charging? In many instances the device itself will tell you with a 'charging' icon or small LED. On the FlameStower, Power Quality lights will also clearly show if your charger is charging. Low, medium and high power indicators will let you know how much energy is being delivered. What is the life of the product? The FlameStower has been designed to survive 5000 heating and cooling cycles. So depending on how often you camp, FlameStower could last you a lifetime! Will FlameStower damage my batteries? Nope! Most devices have built-in monitors to protect their batteries, and FlameStower is designed to USB standards and specifications. How long do I wait before packing it up? Part of the FlameStower gets hot! Slide the device away from the fire and it will keep charging for minutes from the built-up heat. Pretty cool, but again very hot. Empty the water after use and let the charger sit in a safe place for about 5 minutes before handling the blade, or dunk the blade into some cold water for a quick cool down. Collapse the water reservoir and legs, and you're ready to pack it up and take power with you. Specifications Weight: 10 oz Collapsed size: 7.75" x 2/25" x 1" Rated voltage: 5V Average power: 2.5 W Maximum power:... More

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