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Vertical Gardening Woolly Pockets - Wally Five

Vertical Gardening Woolly Pockets - Wally Five   Vertical Gardening Woolly Pockets - Wally Five

Vertical Gardening Woolly Pockets - Wally Five

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Wally Five gives you five times the planting power! It has five pockets for you to fill with plants and create your own flourishing living wall. Make an organic kitchen herb garden or outdoor edible farm. Overview Woolly pockets are soft-sided, breathable and made from 100% recycled plastic bottles right here in the USA! You can create a living artwork with one Wally Five or a whole living wall by hanging a collection. First, gather some of your favorite herbs, tropical, succulents, or native plants and arrange them in the five pockets. Then, simply use the included hardware to hang your Wally! Pocket Science & How It Works: Hanging: Easily hang your Wally Five with hardware included in your purchase. The fasteners and anchors work on masonry, drywall, sheetrock, wood and metal. Smart Watering: Water Wally's back panel, the tongue, with a bottle or a long-spout watering can. Wally's tongue wicks water directly to the roots, which conserves water and promotes plant health. The tongue is the felt flap inside the pocket that sits on top of the moisture barrier, absorbs water and carries it to the roots of the plants. Protects Walls: A military-grade moisture barrier makes sure your walls stay dry. The barrier conserves water and helps to keep the soil's nutrition in your planter. Self-Watering: The reservoir stores water at the base of the Wally and allows the tongue to continue wicking water to the roots. Strong and healthy roots: The breathable felt material allows water to evaporate and roots to air prune naturally. Specifications: Dimensions: 112" L x 15" H Soil Volume: 2.0 cubic... More

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